P1  – selecting project management team;  – e Twinning promotion and dissemination
P2 Define criteria for selecting the students
P3 Celebrating the 20th December, the Day of the Children Rights (2019)
P4 Celebrating the 20th December, the Day of the Children Rights (2020)
P5 school project teams
P6 statements for parents agreement for participation of their children in the project
P7 prepare posters for affirmation of the project with emphasized key objectives in it
P8 The selected teams will hold a meeting with a school principal
P9 Preparation of the questionnaires by the evaluation team
P10 Work within project teams of students
P11 Erasmus corner
P13 Preparations of the teachers and selecting students who will participate in the first partners meeting in Estonia
P14 Dissemination of the activities from the first mobility
P15 Survey and reports about satisfaction and achievements from activities of students and teachers from LTT
P16 Gestures and body language are powerful means of communication and without doubt foster inclusion.
P17 Proposal for creating the logo of the project
P18 Celebrating 20 December – International Human Solidarity Day-creating an event on eTwinning platform
P19 Quiz through Kahoot!
P20 RAINBOW: Diversity is within us
P21 Together is better: Puzzle challenge
 P22 How would you like your sandwich?
P23 Prince and beggar
P24 Preparing activities for the mobility with students in Spain
P25 Live Event- playing Kahoot quzz together-on line meeting of students
P26 Dissemination of the activities from the second mobility
P27 Online meeting for determining the next steps in the project
P28 How does the colour of the eyes matter?
P29 WINGS: Our hands (all we can do) are our wings
P30 Online story-telling: creative inclusion
P31 Preparing activities for third mobility with students in Romania . Preparation of questionnaires for teachers related to inclusion
P32 Dissemination of the activities from the third mobility and other project events in the school and in front of local authorities
P33 Reverse Gift
P34 Problems and solutions
Erasmus Days 2019
Erasmus Days 2020